Favourite Places #1

View from Calton hill

View of the castle taken from Calton hill with the Dugald Stewart monument is in the foreground

One of my favourite places to takes photos from is Calton Hill in the centre of Edinburgh. The hill in itself is of interest because it has a number of monuments on it. The largest is the National monument, or unfinished monument which is an unfinished Corianthian style temple built to commemorate the soldiers and sailors who died in the Napoleonic wars. Then there is the Dugald Stewart monument in memorial to the Scottish Philosopher Dugald Stewart. It is a circular nine column temple with an urn in the middle and is seen in many of the photos taken of the castle from Calton hill, like above. Finally there is the Nelson monument a tower built in commemoration of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Calton hill monuments

Unfinished monument and Nelson’s monument

The best thing about the hill though isn’t what is on it but what you can see from it. The views of Edinburgh are fantastic. The hill is near enough the centre of town and not so high such that you can get some great overhead views of the city. This is the place to get your city skyline photos, but also you can get a great view along Edinburgh’s main thoroughfare Princes street.

Princes Street

Morning rush hour on Princes street. A large chunk of the street is closed though due to tram works.

To the south of Calton Hill is Holyrood park where another Edinburgh hill, Arthur Seat lies along with the Salisbury Crags. These two dominate most of Edinburgh and can be seen from most of Edinburgh. One of the best views though is from Calton Hill where it is untroubled by any obstructions.

Salisbury Crags

Salisbury Crags: Another reason for me to like Calton hill, is this was the first image I ever got paid for. If anyone used the airport between 2011 and 2012 they might recognise this as the image on the 11m x 11m Royal Bank of Scotland advert on the airport car park.


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  1. It must be incredible to have one of your photographs on a huge billboard!

    Share the love of Calton Hill, great place with fabulous 360 degree views of Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside. Never tire of the changes in light from there. Just wish I felt brave enough to venture up at night (except for the Torchlight Procession, when there were too many people up there).

    Thanks for sharing your photographs.

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