Rosneath Peninsula Hill Walk

Gare Loch

Last Saturday we walked the top end of the Rosneath hill path that starts on the Peaton Road and follows the east side of the Rosneath Peninsula all the way to its end at Kilcreggan. The Rosneath Peninsula is sandwiched between Gare Loch and Loch Long. This path looks over Gare Loch and the Faslane Naval base and then the Clyde to the south. The above image is a panorama of Gare Loch and the mountains in the North. To the right you can see Faslane Naval base. This was taken with 6 portrait images.

IMG_1055Along the path there are a number of areas which have been cleared of trees but for a single tree. It appears these lonely trees have been stripped bare by the wind once they have been exposed. They are a single branch poking up into the air. I like how these remnants of trees appeared stuck out on their own with the dramatic mountains behind. Luckily enough while taking photos of these the sun came out to light them up. There were a number of cleared areas and for some reason there was always one tree left on its own.



IMG_1029There were new pine tree plantations along the path. These pine trees were still fairly small but I thought they were quite interesting as their top branches all seemed to be reaching for the sky while leaving the rest of the tree well below them. The branches were quite a vibrant orange underneath the green of the pine needles. Here the other trees provide a nice blurred background for my subject.










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