Not getting my act together

Continuing in the common theme of me not having any time to go out to do any photography, some might say not getting my act together, here are a series of images taken from the garden I’ve taken over the last week or so. After the cold spring it is only just now the garden is starting to bloom.

Cherry Blossum

The cherry blossom was particularly late this year. This was taken only a week ago and even now the tree is still full although the blossom has started to brown. I struggled to get an image I was happy with. I eventually went for an image which took in more of the tree instead of a close up macro.

Pink daisy

We have a patch of purple daisies in the garden and they are a constant source of subject matter for me. I just keep coming back to them. I have two other images of these same flowers in the nature gallery on this blog. I think I prefer to photograph these over many over flowers because they are quite structural. There are lots of strong lines and they have quite a lot of contrast across the petals. Anyway this one is still to open up. Not sure what it is waiting for as the weekend has been quite glorious.

IMG_1308No idea what this is. I just took the image hand held and found the way the yellow’s and green’s blurred together quite pleasing. It is a shame I didn’t get all the stamen in focus.


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