Beach 01I’ve always found beaches a particularly inspiring places for photography. I like the minimalism of a beach image with the stripes of sky, sea and sand and very little else. Occasionally I will include a pile of rocks in the foreground to add a little interest, but I always return to the simplicity of the aforementioned image structure. It might be blowing a gale when I’m out capturing these, I live in a country where beach and sun are not very often seen together, but the resultant images I always find to be quite calming.

Beach 02These images were all taken on the west end of Portobello beach last Friday evening. Pretty much all of the beaches in Edinburgh and East Lothian, including Portobello, are north facing so I had to break from my favoured aspect to catch the sun setting.

Beach 03


  1. I love to walk on the beach very much,
    I live in Holland, so I talking about the Dutch beach and the dunes!
    But now I have seen these pictures, it seems not impossible to me that I will walk on this beach real soon.I find it very nice to walk and take pictures on the beach because it calms me down after a day of hard working!

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