Favourite Places #3

Les Angles is a ski resort in the Pyrénées-Orientales in France. Four years ago I took a sabbatical from work and moved with my family across there. We stayed for 10 months in the village, taking in a season of skiing and enjoying the quiet of off season. It was during my stay in the Pyrénées that I found photography. Previously I had taken photos, but these were either to record an event or holiday snaps. This changed when I got my first iPhone. I had never had a camera in my pocket all the time before. What with all the fantastic scenery and the ski season starting to kick off I started using it all the time. I had a lot of free time to investigate what was possible with this little camera. I very quickly begun to struggle with its limitations and decided to buy a DSLR. This was the start of an obsession. The obsession to get that image you see in your head recorded.

Les Angles

The village of Les Angles with the church lit up, as it is every winter.

Being in the Pyrénées was probably the best start for me. Landscape very quickly became my photography of choice. I only had to go out my front door and I was surrounded by mountains. In actual fact I only had to go out onto the balcony. I spent many days just taking pictures of the village, valley and surrounding mountains from the balcony.

View of Cambre d'Aze taken from our balcony.

View of Valley d’Eyne with the ski resort Cambre d’Aze on the right. Photo taken from our balcony.

Les Angles

The village of Les Angles taken from our Balcony

Les Angles is situated in the Capcir valley along with two other villages Formigueres and Matemale. It is a medium size ski resort with approximately 50km of ski runs. Next to the Capcir valley is the Cerdagne valley and between these two there are 7 different ski resorts with plenty of mountains to climb, views to take in and valleys to descend. I wasn’t going to run out of subject matter very quickly. The ski resort is built on the side of the mountain Roc d’Aude. A large number of my photos were either taken from there or it was in the background. Both the images below were taken from the top of Roc d’Aude.

Sunset from Roc d'Aude

Sunset taken from Roc d’Aude

Top of Roc d'Aude

Pile of rocks at the top of Roc d’Aude. This pile has fallen over since I took this photo. In the background you can see the Pic de Carlit, the highest mountain in the region.

We have returned to Les Angles at least once every year since my sabbatical. It is in a beautiful ever changing landscape. I continue to find subject matter of interest here. Every year as I hope my photographic eye and skills improve I keep finding new things to create images from. I guess this really should have been my Favourite Places #1 seeing as this is where it all started for me.

Christ looks out onto the Capcir valley

Overlooking Capcir Valley




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