Skye with Light Stalkers

Trotternish Ridge

I have just been on a photography workshop in Skye, Harris and Lewis with Glen Campbell from Light Stalkers Scotland. I had a really good time and I learnt a few new things. We went to some of the most spectacular places. Included in this post are images from my time on Skye. Above is a photo of the Trotternish Ridge. It had been raining for most of the day but we were lucky enough that the rain cleared up after about 10 minutes of us arriving at the top of the ridge.


The image above was taken from the rocky beach in Elgol as the sun set. The mountains in the background are the black Cullins. We were told this is a very popular spot with photographers. I spent ages trying to get movement from the waves. It was very much luck if I caught a wave as they came in fairly fast.


Above are the Red Cuillins viewed from just outside the Sligachan hotel. I took too long to setup and in that time the sun managed to come out from behind the clouds and the photo didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it, but I still like the line following the two rocks to the mountain.

Trotternish Ridge

This is another from the Trotternish ridge. The clouds and mist produced a great separation between the foreground and background peaks.

Half Sunk Boat, Carbost

We went to visit the Talisker distillery and just outside the village of Carbost where it is situated there is this half sunk boat.

I’ll be doing another post to cover the images I took in Harris and Lewis.

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