Anza Borrego Desert

Anza Borrego Desert 1

Last week on a trip to South California I thought I would try to catch sunrise in the desert. I knew on the first night there I would still be on UK time and would be awake at some stupidly early hour in the morning. I checked the maps of South California for a place to go and the Anza Borrego State Park seemed as good a place as any to go. This all worked perfectly in theory, in execution it didn’t work so well. I hadn’t planned for the clocks to change and got all my times wrong so I left one hour late and saw the sunrise about half way into my journey. When I got to where I was stopping the sun was already up in the sky and it was heating up very quickly. I still managed to get some images, but the light was already a little harsh. Interestingly the orange grass all over the place was a very similar colour to the orange grass I saw in North Scotland just two weeks ago. The image above is taken on the spectacular descent from the Peninsular range of mountains. Everything else is taken in the plane near the visitor centre. I didn’t travel too far from there as I didn’t feel very prepared for the desert.


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