Harris and Lewis with Light Stalkers

Stacks at Mangersta

I have just been on a photography workshop in Skye, Harris and Lewis with Glen Campbell from Light Stalkers Scotland. This is my second post about this trip. It covers our time on Harris and Lewis. You can find the first post here. I had never been to Harris and Lewis before so didn’t really know what to expect. Large expanses of the two islands are barren and strewn with rocks. While we were there the ground foliage was turning a beautiful orange colour. Harris is quite hilly while Lewis is relatively flat. Both islands have some spectacular beaches.

The image above is the sea stacks at Mangersta on Lewis. You have to follow a dead end road going down the west coast of Lewis from Callanish to find these. When we got there we were blessed with the most spectacular light. The sun was just breaking through the clouds and lit up the stacks with this lovely soft light. It felt like cheating. You just had to point the camera in the right direction to get a great photo.

These two shots are taken on the beach at Seilebost. We had timed it perfectly as the tide was out. The beach just seemed to go on forever. The second image I was trying to catch the movement of the tide going in and out. I wasn’t 100% successful but had to give up as the light was disappearing quickly. Please click on the images to view them larger.

HorgabostThese are rocks near Horgabost beach in South Harris. We had a early start to catch these at sun rise. Among the rocks I found this one lovely smooth piece with different colours running through it.


You can’t go to Lewis without going to see the standing stones at Callanish. We visited them twice. Once during the day to get a first look at them and then later on in the day to catch them with the sun setting. This image is of the centre circle of stones. Running north from the centre there is a avenue with stones on either side and there are stones running in lines east, south and west. This was a long exposure taken after the sun had set.

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