Favourite Photos from 2013

Everyone seems to be doing their top so many lists from 2013 so I thought I would add my own. Most people seem to have stuck to their top 10 photos of the year but this year has been fairly quiet photography wise for me, so I’m not sure I’ll reach 10. I have had other things in my life to keep me busy. Ironically this is the year I started this photography blog. Most of the year was quite dry except for one brief period during October when I went on the photography trip to Skye, Harris and Lewis so don’t be surprised if the majority of the images come from that trip. Hopefully 2014 will be more productive as I will have some free time. With very little content to review it hasn’t taken me too long to produce my list.

This year was the first time I managed to get any photos in Flickr Explore. Not sure that really means anything. Neither of the photos were my favourites from those trips. The first was of the midget submarines on Aberlady beach. 7000 people viewed that image and it got over 200 favourites. I preferred the second image from below though.

The second image that hit Flickr Explore was of this boat just outside Carbost in Skye. Over 10000 people viewed this and it got over 250 favourites. While I’m quite happy with the image there were a number of other images from that trip which I much prefer.
Half Sunk Boat, Carbost
While I predominantly prefer landscape photography I did try out a few things in the house as well. The best project I did in the house was probably the cutlery studies. Below is my favourite from that session.
Fork and KnifeDuring 2013 I bought a 24mm tilt shift lens. I have coveted this lens for a number of years. Most of the time I spent with this lens was learning how to use it. I don’t think I have really hit the ground running yet with it. I found the increased number of parameters I had to worry about meant I would forget about something basic and took lots of very ordinary photos. Hopefully with practice this will improve. Anyway this was a panorama looking across the Clyde I created with the lens using the shift capability.Clyde panorama

I’ve always liked beach photography. The point where the sea meets land has always supplied me with a wealth of image possibilities. This was taken from a quick 30 minute trip to Portobello beach.
Beach 01
After that all the images come from my time in Skye, Harris and Lewis. This was the one time in the year I really got to concentrate on photography and nothing else. I was really happy with the images I got from that trip.

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