Grey skies in Royal Deeside

These are all images taken from a weekend in Braemar and it’s surrounding area. I went out for an early morning in Glen Clunie but cloud cover was so low for the whole of the day I could have taken these at any time.

This is a view looking North up the glen. We drove past the house in the distance the day before and I thought it was a good anchor for an image. I spent quite a bit of time, right next to the house, trying to get the right framing for this. Then found I got a much better image once I moved further away.

Glen Clunie, Cairngorm

Driving back down the Glen the best options for images mainly involved removing the sky. I was drawn to the red fir trees halfway down the glen. I like the almost feathery fronds and the wave shape of the underlying land.

Glen Clunie, Cairngorm

Later in the day we went for a walk around Invercauld estate. The low cloud made it quite difficult to take any successful images. I took plenty of views across the glen. The walk took us quite high above it. But those uniform skies are not very interesting. Again I spent most of my time trying to crop the sky from any images. Breaking up the sky with the silhouette of trees works to some degree. There are possibly too many trees here though as the area just behind the trees is too hidden.


Eventually I gave up and started taking macro images.IMG_2739


    • Hey Dad, I’ve already pushed the sky a bit. I wouldn’t want to do it too much as it wouldn’t gel with the rest of the image. At the time it was pretty much uniform grey.

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