LPOTY 2014

It’s that time of the year again. The Landscape photographer of the year competition deadline is coming up. While selecting images for this year’s competition it is a good time to review how my photography has evolved over the last year. While there are at least of couple classic images in the collection, I think in general the images are a little more thoughtful than in the past. I have spent time working out what was the image I wanted. I have learned to slow down a bit, take in the scene. I still have a long way to go and there is still an element of fluke to my best images. Last year I struggled to pick out 7 images from 3 years worth of work that I was happy with. This year wasn’t anywhere near as busy photography wise but I have so far been able to select 12. Admittedly 8 of them are from my trip to Skye, Harris and Lewis. It goes to show the difference it makes if you spend a full week just concentrating on photography. Anyway here are my selections at official dimensions of longest length 1280px.




  1. I actually feel your entry overall this year is much superior to last years, greater awareness of shape and composition and a greater unity of style or ambience. The only one I query is the Kelpies as I’m not sure what they are doing in a landscape competition though I very much like the image

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