10 hours in Tokyo

While on holiday with my family in Japan at the beginning of this month I was given most of a day in Tokyo on my own with my camera. The rest of the clan were going to Summer Sonic music festival. I felt I didn’t come halfway across the world to view a bunch of bands I could see in Europe and opted to stay in Tokyo.

My target for the day was to capture some of the more interesting architecture and skyscrapers. I found the Wallpaper guide to Tokyo was very useful in finding many of these. The images below mainly come from the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas of Tokyo.

Shinjuku has many of the major commercial and administrative buildings in Tokyo. There were plenty of skyscrapers to view. The main reason for coming here was the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices building (TMGO). This building comes in 2 parts. The one of most note is the 48 floor Tokyo Metropolitan Main building No.1. This splits into two towers at the 33rd floor. Building No.2 is a measly 37 floors high. The buildings were designed to resemble a computer chip.

Shibuya includes a large shopping district with many of the flagship stores for the high end fashion labels. Some of the more interesting buildings in Tokyo can be found here. Images included below are of the Audi Forum Tokyo, Prada store and the AO building.

Please click on any of the photos to see them in large.

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