Image of the month – September 2014

I’ve seen a number of photographers do this on their blog. I think the first guy I saw doing this was Magnus Lindbom and then recently Russ Barnes has started. It is a good way to keep a flow of posts going through your blog. Hopefully I can keep up with the quality photos for it to be worthwhile.

Green carpet, Eriska

This image is taken from the island of Eriska. Eriska is just north of Oban in Scotland and has a rather posh hotel on it. I was there with my family for our wedding anniversary. It was late Saturday afternoon and my wife and the girls were in the swimming pool, I was sitting in the lounge of the hotel with half a mind to go down to the beach to take some photos. I wasn’t getting my act together though until right at the last moment I looked out the window to see sun rays fighting through the clouds. I hurried down to the beach in the hope that a photograph was available. Initially I was trying to capture the sunrays hitting the islands across the water but nothing really blew me away. I had the fuji x-pro1 with me and had a fairly limited number of focal ranges, nothing seemed to be working. Just as I was going to give up I saw this patch of rather spectacular green seaweed. With the 14mm I had a wide enough focal length to capture the fantastic colour and texture of the seaweed with rock to set it off and the sky with the light rays still coming through the clouds.

I’m a great fan of the portrait format in landscape photography. It allows you to concentrate on small details in the foreground while still giving the impression of great depth within your image. It lends itself well to taking beach/loch side photos where there isn’t necessarily such an exciting backdrop. Getting the focus right with such a large depth of field required is hard and very many times in the past in similar situations I have come away with the backdrop all blurry. This time around the image is sharp all the way through.

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