Image of the month – January 2015

I’m writing this post slightly late as the film this photo was on only got developed a month after the image was taken. This is all new for me. I only just got my film camera, an Olympus OM-1n, at the beginning of the year. I was given a black and white film processing course for christmas but didn’t have a camera to take black and white film. What a great excuse to buy a new camera! As this is a new camera, well at least to me, I felt my image of the month should come from it.


This image is from Seacliff beach near North Berwick in East Lothian. I had gone down to the beach with both my Canon 5d mark ii and the Olympus. This was only my second outing with the Olympus and was slowly learning to take photos without the immediate feedback of the LCD screen. I was swapping between the two I guess to ensure I returned with some images I knew were successful. Didn’t want to find out later I only had a series of under or over exposed photos. My favourite image from the trip, this one, ended up coming from the film camera.

From Seacliff you have great views of Bass Rock, a deep sided volcanic rock island in the Firth of Forth. The bay the beach is in almost frames the island for you. It was the subject or part of pretty much all the photos I took on that day. While I was there the sea was coming in and started to hit some of the rocks lying on the beach. I took many long exposures of the water as it receded from the rocks. This was my favourite as the water creates a shape almost pointing out towards Bass Rock. An added element of dynamism was created by a new wave coming in at the same point.

I don’t think I’m about to be converted to the wonders of film. It has a different aesthetic, not necessarily a better one though. But I must say the whole the process of making images from a film camera does seem quite magical. Exposing this light sensitive material to a scene for a short period of time to create these images is so simple. Hiding all of this behind incredible electronics just doesn’t seem so romantic.

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