Image of the month – April 2015

Olive Tree, Vendicari

For this months image of the month, I have chosen an photo of an olive tree taken while we were on holiday in Sicily. Next to our house there were olive and lemon groves. I have always loved the gnarled looks that olive tree trunks and branches have, while the foliage looks so young and fresh. This one had an almost afro styling of leaves. The sun was coming in and out from behind the clouds so the leaves would catch the light occasionally. There was a fair breeze and the leaves were moving about. I made a one second exposure to try and capture some of this movement.

One of the main reasons I have included this photo as the image of the month is because it is on one of the first films I developed myself. I recently went on a darkroom developing course and have really enjoyed the process. Unfortunately I managed to mess up the process a bit this time around and there was an area on the photo with white dots across it. Luckily though it was in the moving foliage so could be hidden quite easily. This image is taken from a scan of the negative. I did try to print this in the darkroom but was never fully happy with the results.

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