Project based work

In recent months I have come to a realisation that many photographers come to eventually. Individual images just don’t do it for me any more. There is only so much you can say with a single image. I have moved my photography to a more project based workflow. You are always going to be able to say more with multiple images. You can tell a story, display multiple aspects of a single subject, show many forms of the same subject. There are a multitude of different forms a project can take.

To reflect this change in direction the structure of my website has been changed. I have removed the gallery page with collections of photos under very general headings and replaced it with a projects page. You can still see some of my non-project work, as I haven’t stopped taking individual images, in the recent gallery.


I currently have two different projects ready to the point that I am happy to show some of the work from them. The Field is a study of a single field over a number of years. I am one year into this project. It is more a study of time, change and my discipline rather than agriculture. Early morning, Portobello is a project recording the first hour after sunrise on Portobello beach in Edinburgh.

The Field #7

You can access my projects from here, or by clicking on the Projects section of the menu.

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