Early Morning, Portobello

I arrive at the beach just before sunrise. There is no one on the beach except myself. The seagulls hang around in gangs, moving on whenever you get too near. There is an occasional cormorant hanging their wings out to dry. Eventually the first of the dog walkers and runners start to appear. A few cycle commuters pass along the promenade. As time passes there is a fairly regular but still infrequent parade of runners and commuters moving along the promenade. More dog walkers start to populate the beach. On a rare moment a walker will stop to talk to another. The dogs always stop to say hello to each other. Just before 7 a group of people start to collect outside the Portobello swimming baths waiting for them to open on the hour. On some days braver swimmers can be seen putting on wet suits before going for a dip in the sea. There is a lull in the activity on the beach as if the early crowd have all passed through and we are waiting for the day to start proper. Before then I pack up my camera and make my way home.

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