Adam Fowler Photography


Skye mountains

Late spring snow, picks out the details of the mountains. These mountains seem to exist in their own space, separated from the rest of the world. The blank sky and flat light makes them look like cutout cards placed on top of each other.

The silver birch of Etna

It is very rare you get Silver Birch as far south as Sicily but on Mount Etna, at least the east side between about 1000m and 1500m, they are all over the place. They wouldn't normally survive the hot summers in Sicily, but have managed by adapting to their environment. The bark on the trees is a lot whiter to reflect the sun more and they grow in clumps to create a larger shadow and keep more of the trees in the shade.

The whiteness of the bark makes the trees very striking. I could have spent all day taking pictures of them, unfortunately I was with other people and couldn't hold everyone up.